Sesame Fermented SoyBean Curd (素) 辣腐乳[麻油]
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Sesame Ferm/SBean Curd (素) 辣腐乳[麻油]


DESCRIPTIONS: ➡️Ferment by Non-GMO soy bean ➡️No preservatives ➡️Contains of hydrolyzed protein, free amino acids, fat, carbohydrates, thiamine, riboflavin, oxalic acid, calcium, phosphorus and other nutritional ingredients ➡️Help to lower chances of getting coronary heart disease, blood pressure and prevention of osteoporosis ➡️Suitable for vegans and vegetarians INGREDIENTS: ➡️Non-GMO soybeans, water, salt, chili, and sesame oil.


**Allergen: this product contains soybean 德记麻油辣乳特点: ➡️非基因改造黃豆酿制而成 ➡️无防腐剂 ➡️经发酵后大豆中原本吸收率很低的铁、锌等矿物质更容易被人体吸收。 ➡️提供一般植物性食品所没有的维生素B12预防恶性贫血 ➡️非常适合素食者

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