Black Fungus [33] (100g) 特级鼠朵小云耳
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主治气虚或血热所致腹泻、崩漏、尿血、齿龈疼痛、脱肛、便血等病症适用人群 适合心脑血管疾病、结石症患者食用,特别适合缺铁的人士、矿工、冶金工人、纺织工、理发师食用;有出血性疾病、腹泻者的人应不食或少食;孕妇不宜多吃.

Efficacy: Fungus is sweet, neutral in nature, and returns to the stomach and large intestine meridians; it has the functions of benefiting qi, moistening the lungs, invigorating the brain, lightening the body, cooling the blood, stopping bleeding, astringent the intestines, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the mind, nourishing the body, etc.Efficacy:

Indications for diarrhea, metrorrhagia, hematuria, gingival pain, rectal prolapse, blood in the stool caused by qi deficiency or blood heatSuitable for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and calculi, especially suitable for people with iron deficiency, miners, metallurgical workers, textile workers, barbers; people with bleeding diseases and diarrhea should not eat or eat less; pregnant women should not eat too much eat.

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