Age Grape Balsamico Vinegar (250ml) 陳釀老葡萄醋(3年)
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The Making of Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic 葡萄醋制作过程

1. Grape juice is freshly pressed from grapes, then boils in a copper urn with wood to evaporates 1/3 of the water to thicken it. This thickened juice is called "Must".

1. 新鲜葡萄汁在铜瓮中以木头烧开,蒸发其三分之一的水分,使浓稠,此浓汁称之为“Must”。

2. Add vinegar enzyme.

2. 加入天然醋元。

3. Acidifies through seven types of wood barrels in the process. (the process of batteria also known as fermentation)

3. 放入天然木桶(称之为Batteria),过程中一共转换7次/7种木桶。

4. The batteria then stored in the attic and undergoes sunbathing, this enables the irradiation of the sun and the moon, the whole process is fully transforming through the rhythm of four seasons including spring, summer, autumn & winter.

4. 储存于阁楼,使木桶照射日月精华,十足反应春夏秋冬四季之变化。

*Based on the traditional measurement, 50 litres of grape must will be fermented into only 15 litres of vinegar after ageing.


Consumption Suggestion 建议食用方式:

- Dilute 15ml (1 tablespoon) into 60ml warm water 取一匙葡萄醋,加入一杯温水稀释后饮用

Storage method 保存方式:

- Store in a cool dry place 请置于干燥阴凉处

Functions 功效:

  • Produced in Modena, Italy. 生产于意大利摩德纳
  • Certified by the Italian government D.O.C (Original Product Council) and signed by the Modena ancient law products chamber of commerce.
  • Fermentation will go through seven types of wood barrels, store in the attic to allow the sunbathing; the whole process is fully transforming through the rhythm if four seasons include spring, summer, autumn & winter.
  • 100% organic 100% 有机成分
  • Vegetarian 素食
  • Promote metabolism 促进新陈代谢
  • Anti-infectious 具有杀菌作用
  • Help lower cholesterol 帮助降低胆固醇
  • Help stabilize blood pressure 稳定及调节血压
  • Strengthen the immune system 增强免疫系统
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