Beras Wangi Thai (1kg) 泰国香米
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The differenceFragrance: A fresh fragrance of fragrant rice, but not white rice.Appearance: The fragrant rice is crystal clear and the germ has no white spots.Taste: The fragrant rice is pure, soft and smooth, while the white rice is harder.Planting season: fragrant rice one season, white rice more than one season.Thai basmati rice and white rice are placed in sodium hydroxide solution. After 24 hours, white rice is not dissolved and fragrant rice is dissolved.Cooking methods1. Add fragrant rice to the rice cooker and add water according to the amount of fragrant rice. (1 cup of fragrant rice plus 1.2 to 1.5 cups of water)2. During the cooking process, be careful not to open the lid or stir the rice to maintain the aroma.3. Cooked rice will give you an unexpected taste.Basmati nutrients (100g):Trace 354.0, carbohydrate 79.8, protein 6.2, trace 1.1, plant fiber 0.6, vitamin B10.1, vitamin B20.4, vitamin 2.1, calcium 3.0, phosphorus 66.0, iron 1.9.

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